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Greetings from Devon, UK.

Hello, I’m Chris Medway, a Composer and Producer from Devon, UK. I recording melodic and impressionistic electronic music under the name CosmoMoose. My aim is to give much of my music an organic, playful or emotional qualitities not always associated with electronic music, to transport the listener to another place or time and speak in a way that words cannot.

My CosmoMoose music ranges in moods and styles, just like nature itself, from vibrant dance to airy chillout tracks and should especially appeal to fans of melodic electronic music such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis.

I compose music for film and stage in various styles, including orchestral (with an electronic twist) and am available to compose music for your media project.

In contrast to my more serious music, I have written and recorded a CD of fun and quirky Christian Children’s Songs and for a fitness organiastion, Kidfit, and have had my songs on kids compilations CDs. Also have written a musical about the Biblical character of Daniel which I would one love to develop.

Thank you for your interest in my music.

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