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I created Cosmic Invasion to be a "soundtrack for the mind", with strong catchy themes taking the listener on an hour-long musical journey where the Cosmic comes to Earth.

Customer Reviews

"Absolutely Fantastic. Highly recommend this, whether you're a fan of Vangelis, Jean Michael Jarre, instrumentals, or science fiction style music. From the moment I first heard Galileo's Mission on the station I DJ for, I was hooked. Great tracks from start to finish. Well worth the price and look forward to future works from CosmoMoose."

DR. WHO eat your heart OUT!!!!!! Sci-Fi masterpiece

"Fantastic music and well composed, recommended"

"Jean Michel Jarre Would Be Proud Of This Piece Of Work. An impressive album that edges towards the New-Age and Sci-Fi genres, also, a very strong Jean Michel Jarre influence with strings and choirs evident throughout. An excellent cross section of tracks from moody atmospheric tracks to dance tracks. Album highlights are, "Cosmic Invasion", "Shooting Stars", "Tears Of The Moon", "Lost Vessel" and the stunning closing track "Light Of This World" which runs for just over 11 minutes! A breathtaking piece of work"

"I love this album and .... listen to this every day and I will wear it out soon, then I will buy another one....because its a beautiful album....just beautiful."


The Freebie is the title song to my album “Cosmic Invasion”. Get the whole album on Special Limited Edition Autographed CD

Cosmic Invasion

"Earthlings Get Ready For a Cosmic Invasion"!

Cosmic Invasion

£ 7.00

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Composed, Arranged, Produced & Performed by Chris Medway (CosmoMoose)

Vocals on "RoboDrama" by Sharon Medway

Sleeve Design: Chris Medway

Album Photography: Sharon Medway

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Medway at 9EQ Studios, Devon

Released 28 November 2013