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Memories of Moosetopia

I created Memories of Moosetopia to be a collection of images for the ears, with strong catchy themes taking the listener back to when times were great, with a sense of longing. From the beautiful beaches to awesome cathedrals; from summer and winter celebrations to the sheer natural splendour. As soon as the CD starts then you are transported straight back to Moosetopia.

Between the soaring ‘SunRise’ and the ambient and reflective ‘My Beautiful Day’ is a collection of eclectic music, from euphoric dance to poignant ambient tracks, all taking you to a place and time of happy memories with a longing to return.

This is electronic music at its most organic featuring several ‘real’ instruments taking the lead such as accordion, pipe organ, bamboo flute, bagpipes, jazz band, steel drums and piano bringing you the sounds of Moosetopia: that place where you would rather be.

The melodic music soars and lifts the spirit but at the same time there are reflective tones harking back to days gone by.

For those who liked the piano trance song "Shooting Stars" on my last release, there is the evocative "Horse of Nature".

Memories of Moosetopia

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